研发集约化公司必须加速研究和争夺创新,有效竞争,但是当内容被锁定在筒仓中时,它会阻碍发现性和减慢研究。 T.o最大化数字信息的价值,组织必须消除孤岛,以使内容更加可发现和可访问。

右图导航通过汇集科学文学,预印刷,预印刷全球生命科学专利,信息甲型试验,毒品和ProjectSfropublicly可用数据来源,在单个直观界面中具有许可内容AndInternal专有数据。 Navigate also helps make information connections to power innovation, maximizes the value of an organization’s content and data investments, and enables knowledge workers to quickly find relevant information.


  • 统一数据来源:  Eliminate data silos to increase awareness of content resources and maximize the value of your digital information assets.
  • 个性化搜索体验: Find the right content for each knowledge worker at the right time.
  • 智慧信息发现: Perform aggregated search via a unified search experience that enables connections across multiple data sources.
  • 启用见解: Explore information relationships with semantically enriched, dynamic visualizations 这有助于揭露连接 and enrich the R&D pipeline with new ideas.
  • 无缝正确的文件集成:集中ContentDiscovery和AccessT.o RightFind的目录超过1.2亿以下引文和240万开放式访问文章同时加强符合版权合作,以推动创新。